7 Samurai album “El Mundo Nuevo”

“El Mundo Nuevo“ is the very first and long awaited album by the Bavarian pirate soul kings 7 Samurai! After several releases on the highly acclaimed G.A.M.M. label with more than 30.000 sold 12“s, outstanding remixes, DJ gigs all over the world and their great “Poets Dub“ mix compilation last year, it´s time for a full length 7 Samurai album.

“El Mundo Nuevo“ is a killer collection of tracks, collaborations and outstanding remixes by 7 Samurai. The album includes their mix for the rare Jorge Ben joint „Sou da pesada“, the unreleased remix for the latin-lounge don´s Mo’Horizons and many more swinging, hopping and dubbing tracks.

The album is available on CD, as download and on a limited edition Double Vinyl.

Jorge Ben - Sou da Pesada (7 Samurai Afroraduno Remix)[audio:]
Alessao Vilhoso - Sol de Verao (7 Samurai Remix) [audio:]

Nilovic - Atchika Nova (7 Samurai Remix) [audio: Nilovic)snippet.mp3]
Otto de Rojas - Choca Las Caderas
(7 Samurai "Ciucciotto Re-edit) [audio:]
Idea 6 - It Ain't Necessarily So
(7 Samurai Remix) [audio:'tNecessarilySo(Idea6)snippet.mp3]
Mo'Horizons -
Kikiriboom (7 Samurai Latin Funk Remix) [audio:'Horizons)snippet.mp3]
Andrea Pozza Trio - You Can't get What You Want
(7 Samurai Remix) [audio:'t%20Get%20What%20You%20Want...%20(Andrea%20Pozza%20Trio)%20snippet.mp3]
The Dining Rooms - No Problem
(7 Samurai Remix) [audio:]
7 Samurai feat. Stefania - Bluesanova (Full Vocal Mix) [audio:]

7 Samurai feat. MC Coppa - Favela Gyal [audio:]

7 Samurai feat. Blue Eyez - Jah Music [audio:]

Zilverzurf feat. Desmond Foster - The Moment Is Gone (7 Samurai Disco Reggae Mix) [audio:]

7 Samurai feat. Desmond Foster -
Feel The Same [audio:]

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