Poets Club Records was founded in 1997 as an independent label. The creation and usage of
new musical styles and with it the freedom and individuality associated with each artist
belongs to the fundamental label philosophy of Poets Club Records.

“Unique“ is the keyword here!

PCR achieved international attention and respect for the first time with Slop Shop‘s album
“Makrodelia“ in 1998, especially by leading lights such as Peter Kruder, Rainer Trueby and
Brian Eno! Brian Eno was taken with this CD so much (“…some stuff on this CD is a type of
music I‘ve been dreaming of for years“), that he offered Slop Shop a collaboration! Solely this
testimony should make one suspicious about Slop Shop who combines Jazz and live recorded
arrangements with electronics. His album “Interpretations” features collaborations with artists
like Brian Eno, Jimi Tenor, Ian Simmonds, Shantel, Sensorama and others.

ATOMHOCKEY are Rogall & Kasar from the Berlin based Sonar Kollektiv. Both are also responsible
for the production of the band „Micatone“. Their debut album „Play off at the digital gate“ is,
like their live shows, excellent and unique!

DIGITAL JOCKEY is the founder of the Computer Jockeys (remember “Ping Pong”?). His debut
album on Poets Club Records, “Paradies und Fragment”, has been described as “…sounds like
Kraftwerk playing in a classical orchestra”. What more should we say? Maybe, that his recently
released “Codeine Dub” album is dedicated to snorkeling trips and childhood memories.

EASTENDERS is a joint-venture of DJ Eastenders and Afrit, a highly talented producer/musician
with Turkish roots. Also, a lot of the featured musicians contributing to their debut album
“Along The Path” hailing from countries like Morocco, Romania, Egypt or from elsewhere on
the planet. The decent, sexy feeling of bellydancing, the perfect relaxation promised by a
turkish steam bath, dancing under palmtrees after excessive consumption of sweet and strange
alcoholica… all this and more hides behind the secret sesame doors of Eastenders music.
Open them!

Since KIESER.VELTEN´s last (and first ever) release, the legendary “Showdown EP” on
Kruder&Dorfmeister´s G-Stone label, six years have passed now. Legendary, because is there
any dub/downbeat DJ who did not dig this gem more than his record case even? But they have
never stopped crafting some fantastic remixes, e.g. for Tosca´s celebrated “Honey” remix
album, Razoof´s “Lambs Bread” dub-house classic …and now the second Kieser.Velten release
ever sees the light on Poets Club Records!

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