Orient Expressions – Istanbul 1:26 a.m. digital release

Orient Expressions - Istanbul 1:26 a.m. ArtworkOn 6th of November the collection of versions and interpretations of the wonderful tune Istanbul 1:26 a.m will be available for download.  This title by Orient Expressions is almost a hymn of the mystic turkish metropolis, so that director Fatih Akin chose it as a theme for his movie “Crossing The Bridge” about the music scene of Istanbul.

Customers of itunes will receive a bonus track, when they buy this amazing album, which celebrates the vibes of this unique city and its’ colourful nightlife.

Wanna have a taste? Listen to Istanbul 1:26 a.m. (Nik Ammar (Oi Va Voi) Remix):


Download Istanbul 1:26 a.m. (Nik Ammar (Oi Va Voi) Remix) here (click right – Save target as…)

“For me, Istanbul 1:26 a.m. is the personal hymn of Istanbul. Whenever I listen to the track, images of this amazing, crazy, sexy, cool city are coming to my mind. It is one of the tracks which I cannot stop listening to. I am addicted to that track!”

Fatih Akin (movie director, e.g. „Crossing The Bridge“)

A complete longplay album dedicated to one single song might be uncommon to a lot of folks – still, in certain musical genres such a thing is even an art form to the highest degree… If a song got „that certain something“, a collection of versions and reinterpretations of it can open a lot of new horizons and interesting angles. Any which way: the story behind those „certain“ songs is always worthwhile much more than only a few minutes. „Istanbul 1:26 a.m.“ definitely is one of these songs.

And now, the ongoing sonic tale evolves from being a beautiful short story to becoming a real multi-dimensional audio book with a lot of interesting pages to it.

QUOTES ON „Istanbul 1:26 a.m.“

“Hypnotic ambience served on a warm bed of digital undertones, darbuka and underground beats. Perfect for the chill room. Love it.”
Nitin Sawhney

“A meandering journey through a beautiful city capturing all it’s beauty.”

The track “Istanbul 1:26 a.m.“ is a fine downtempo jazz with a fine ethnic percussion touch – good and uplifting vibe!
Richard Dorfmeister

“DJ Yakuza is delivering the perfect Bosphorus 1:26 am soundtrack with his track, sublime… ”
Rainer Trueby

“As Cinematic as it is deep, moody & delightful, Soundtracking Istanbul’s lonely, early hours.”

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