New Egotrip release & Kieser.Velten download special

ckp209_cover_72dpiWorking on sound and production as part of Kieser.Velten (on G-Stone and Poets Club Records) since the late 90s, Oliver Kieser developed his unique deep and groovy space of sound. This led to the birth of his solo project Egotrip.
“Shanty Boogie“ is the first release of his solo joint, as funky and groovy as hell track for the dancefloors.

Get an Kieser.Velten download special incl. the 3 EPs “Showdown” (G-Stone) and “Vital Signs” (Poets Club Rec.) by Kieser.Velten as well as the new Egotrip single “Shanty Boogie” (ckp) and pay the price of 2 instead of 3 EPs on

The Shanty Boogie EP includes remixes by his fellow funk brothers Quincy Jointz (one half of Geriba with releases on Funk Weapons and Citrona records) with a more trippin’ outfit and Razoof & Emanuel with an élegant dub house mix.

pcr034_72dpiThe “Vital Signs EP” is a real killer! Starting with “Stormy Monday”, a typical dubby, uptempo Dublex Inc mix, rising and rising to become a monster; while “Dub Throat” is a roaring breakbeat beast, emphasizing the darkest shades of the night…
There´s a nice story behind the huge „Dubolition“ track (part of their „Showdown EP“ on G-Stone): the Cologne based dubsters from Solar Moon used to spin this tune on every single one of their soundsystem gigs (from summerjam to microparties) for years, with their on and off MC crooner Don Abi voicing it live in a rub-a-dub stylee. When Kieser.Velten contacted the Solar Moon camp because of Razoof’s “Lambs Bread” mix (since Razoof is a part of Solar Moon), they heard the “Dubolition” story wuith a grin on their faces, fell in love with Abi’s voice and had to re-record the track featuring Don Abi (in a rub-a-dub stylee, of course).
Same same, but different for the smooth collaboration track with gentle-voiced, Washington based love poet JEN. Kieser.Velten heard JEN on the razoof album “soulaquarium” and really were fascinated by JENs voice and poetry. Since Solar Moon’s very own George Solar (a huge Kiser.Velten fan ) was producing an album for JEN at that time and was looking for associated producers, the contact was made fast. Exceptional producers meet an exceptional woman with an exceptional voice and they truly vibe “together”!

And do not forget: On top you will get the EP “Showdown” for free, if you buy on

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