Picnic with [dunkelbunt] (CD / 2xLP)

A musical journey around the globe with music from Oi Va Voi (London), Arthur Lee (Memphis), Manolis Hiotis (Athens), BaBa Zula (Istanbul), Manau (Paris), [dunkelbunt] (Vienna), Axel Krygier & Tremor (Buenos Aires), Watcha Clan (Marseille)

[dunkelbunt] invites us on a musical picnic and serves assorted specialities from around the globe – some of them frisky, some melancholic. The “Picnic with [dunkelbunt]” is colourful, and all those drawers are wide open: Lonely Drifter Karen bewitch with their blend of chanson and mystic folk – french hiphop courtesy of Manau meets Skeewiff’s electro blues groove (including a sample from the Coen Bros. movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” by the way). Next up: a rare Imam Balidi remix of Bouzouki legend Manolis Hiotis … and many more on this fantastic picnic soundtrack!

Fore more information and current tour dates check the [dunkelbunt] website:

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