Razoof “Jahliya Sound” album (CD)

Reggae producer Razoof teams up with heavyweights vocalists for his new album: Luciano, Naptali, Lutan Fyah and Ex-Black Uhuru singer Mykal Rose, Jamaican legends such as Cornel Campbell (Studio One/Rhythm & Sound) and Lone Ranger, plus young and gifted talents like Sebastian Sturm, Jaqee and Don Abi are featured on “Jahliya Sound”.

With “Jahliya Sound”, a very important and significant circle closes in for Cologne based drummer, DJ & producer Uwe Lehr aka Razoof. After five solo albums mainly influenced by global electronica of all sorts, this, the 6. Razoof album, showcases his way back to his reggae roots… which he developed while still in school back in the days. “Jahliya Sound” came about in Germany, Jamaica and Gambia. During a trip to West Africa in 2012, Razoof layed out the basic tracks & ideas, heavily influenced by the roots reggae infused music scene of Gambia. Upon his return to Cologne, the basic ideas were turned into roots reality.

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