Sun Dub – A Spicy Blend Prepared By [dunkelbunt]

pcr048_cover_webSun Dub is a “Best of“ compilation that has [dunkelbunt] digging the crates of Poets Club Records and Chat Chapeau… highlighted by a string of exclusives and long forgotten pearls. “To me personally, most of these songs are like good old friends that have accompanied me on my journeys and gigs for years now“ says [dunkelbunt].

His exclusive treat for Waldeck´s “Memories“ is a superb opener for “Sun Dub“: a unique and catchy as hell tune that combines different styles. The yet unreleased “Kebab Connection“ – inspired by the theme of the same-titled movie – is another exclusive contribution by  [dunkelbunt], followed by remixes of his tracks and his personal version of 5nizza´s anthemic “Ja Soldat“ (taken from  his album “Morgenlandfahrt“).
His viennese fellows !Dela Dap show up with three tracks featuring also the new single “Kaj Tu Salas“. And as [dunkelbunt] has been a big fan of Eastenders, it was an honour for him to choose several tracks by Eastenders for this compilation… such as the Nu-Asian-Dance tribute “Sex&Cookies“ or the smashing drum&bass mix of the gypsy-styled “Vino Vino“ tune.
At the end of his selection, [dunkelbunt] slows down with Eastenders´ relaxed “Flora“ and Digital Jockey´s soulful “Addicted To Wave“ and sets a full-stop with his swinging “Cinnamon Girl“,  a teaser for his upcoming album “Elephants & Raindrops“.

“Sun Dub” is the fuel for the extatic dancefloor… and a relaxing atmosphere at the same time!

Eastenders – Sex And Cookies [audio:]
Eastenders – On The Ride (Vono Box Remix) [audio:]
Eastenders – Vino Vino (Bassface Sascha & Franksen Remix) [audio:]
Eastenders – Flora [audio:]
Digital Jockey – Addicted To Wave (with Terry Armstrong)  [audio:]

About [dunkelbunt]:
Ulf Lindemann is the man behind [dunkelbunt]. His album “Morgendlandfahrt“ is a spectacular mix of Dub, Reggae, Bossa, Jazz, Electronics, Trip Hop and Break Beats woven with a Balkan twist. Numerous co-operations with both Viennese and international musicians from the Balkan and Klezmer scenes have enriched many of the tracks on the album, namely performers like Fanfare Ciocarlia, Amsterdam Klezmer band, The Cat Empire, Harry Stojka and many more.
[dunkelbunt] combines the many facets and faces of Southeast European music with various stylistic elements of electronic- and world music… which he calls Balkan-Dub or simply Balkan-Electronics!

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