Various Artists – Flamenco Chillin’ Vol. 2

pcr047_coversticker_web“Flamenco Chillin’ Vol. 2“ (PCR 047 / CD) showcases the many beautiful faces and aspects of Flamenco as well as its deep roots in many musical cultures on a global scale.
Hailing from India for example, Nitin Sawhney
’s love for this special musical genre materializes with the help of Ojos De Brujo, a band that stands for the new, contemporary Flamenco feeling like no other. Not really a contradiction if you keep in mind that the origin of Flamenco indeed lies in India!

The Bristol based musical globetrotters from Up, Bustle and Out unite the exceptional turkish singer Sevval Sam and Benjamin Escoriza, vocalist of legendary world beat outfit Radio Tarifa, in a magic song about lost love… sung in turkish and spanish.

But “Flamenco Chillin’“ becomes even more versatile than that: Souad Massi contributes her algerian musical roots… Zeb from Italy bathes his „Flamenco Al Arabia“ in a deep dub bubble bath, Alma Chill provide that certain unexpected easyness… and last but not least, Vienna based project Madrid De Los Austrias end this unique compilation with the intense yet ultra sensual „No A La Guerra“. Flamenco Chillin’? Yes, indeed. Listen for yourself.

1. Alma Chill – Vuela [audio:]
2. Nitin Sawhney – Shadowland (feat. Ojos de Brujo) [audio:]
5. Alma Chill – Pa Ti [audio:]
8. Zeb – Flamenco Al Arabia (Dub Mix) [audio:]
11. Madrid De Los Austrias – No A La Guerra [audio:]

Do you know the first Volume of Flamenco Chillin’? Check it out on amazon!

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